'Survivor: One World': The women make a move


We've been teased in the promos that the women might ban together and start picking off the men, which would be pretty fun to watch. Let's hope it's not a "Survivor: One World" fake-out. Plus, the guys aren't stupid - Jay and Troyzan realize that the next person to go has to be a girl or the guys are in serious trouble.Reward Challenge Brought to You by 7-UPit's the annual product-placement challenge. We get that in this era of DVRs, advertisers have to get their products in somewhere, but this is always so annoying. Anyway, they are divided into two tribes for this challenge. They race down a waterslide, get crates from the water and use the crates to solve a puzzle. Winners get a BBQ at the 7-UP Oasis. The schoolyard pick has Jay/Troyzan/Kat/Alicia/Chelsea vs. Mike/Kim/Sabrina/Christina/Leif. Tarzan is not picked. The challenge starts and that waterslide is rather awesome, one of the best challenge...



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