South Park Review: "Jewpacabra"

Cartman, converting to Judaism? Now we have seen it all on South Park.

"Jewpacabra" starts with Kyle discovering Cartman talking to his mom about Judaism. Cartman is a noted anti-Semite, so this is a rather shocking admission. Of course, he's only collecting reconnaisance so he can spread the word of the most fearsome creature that preys on non-Jewish children: the Jewpacabra.

No one believes Cartman, because he's been known to spread lies about the Jewish faith before. So he goes out to fabricate evidence of this creature's existence, and takes it to a group of monster hunters, hoping to get a supermarket chain's Easter Egg hunt canceled. Because when people think of Sooper Foods, they think of fun and safety. The Jewpacabra is neither fun nor safe for children. Read More...


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