Psych Review: An Innocent Project

Shawn and Gus took on an interesting project this week on Psych. They became rebels with a cause when they took on the case of a man wrongly convicted of a crime he didn't commit and it took some "True Grits" on the part of our boys to defend their client with such strong evidence still piled up against him.

In a twist I didn't even see coming, this episode pitted Shawn against the officer who put Thane Woodson away, one Juliet O'Hara. It was pretty entertaining to watch these two struggle with their professional opinions at odds while still being the loving couple we all know they are. Who knew Shawn and Juliet Tivo-ed "The Voice?"

Even more entertaining was seemingly watching Carlton egg on what he perceived to be their inevitable breakup. If there's one thing Carlton is good at, it's being a pessimist. Though I don't think we'd love him quite the same if he wasn't. Read More...


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