'Downton Abbey' Season 3: A birth, a death, 'difficult' Maggie Smith


Rebecca Eaton (pictured left, with star Elizabeth McGovern), executive producer of "Masterpiece Classic" on PBS, teased some "Downton Abbey" Season 3 tidbits at a party for Central Florida's new PBS station, WUCF TV. She tells the Orlando Sentinels:"Matthew and Mary do get married.""There are some wonderful scenes between Maggie [Smith] and Shirley MacLaine - Shirley MacLaine being ditsy as ever. And Maggie barely restraining her sneer in having to deal with this American. Maggie Smith is a handful, it's true. She's very difficult. She knows her worth, and she's tricky on the set, but she delivers when the time comes.""Somebody will be born, and somebody will die, somebody pretty key in the cast, unfortunately not going to make it. It's the 1920s now."Goodness! We have so many questions, not the least of which is - does it sound to anyone else like Eaton is really slamming actress Maggie Smith? It sounds at first like she's...



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