'Survivor: One World's' Michael Jefferson: 'More strong women out there than strong guys'


Michael Jefferson was voted out on Wednesday night's (April 4) "Survivor: One World" in a bit of a blindside, making him the second member of the jury. He tells Zap2it he really had no idea it was coming.How big of a blindside was last night's vote when it happened?"It was a big blindside to me, obviously. I honestly thought I was going to be around a lot longer. The way it was sitting, the game was going to be pretty easy for me, so it was huge. It came from nowhere. Kim played it well. It was a big blind side." When you were voted off, did you know it was the women's alliance that did it? "Yeah, the numbers were there. Jay and I had a concern that we wanted to keep it a level playing field with guys and girls. I just knew it was the women. Obviously, my name was written down...



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