'Touch': 'Kite Strings pulls on the heart strings, but strains credulity


In this week's "Touch," entitled "Kite Strings," Martin (Kiefer Sutherland) meets up with someone from his late wife's past. A young man in Iraq helps an American soldier (Sprague Grayden, who starred with Sutherland in "24"). A lottery winner connects with a priest.If you accept the premise that everything is connected and that one young man can not only see patterns, but bring people together based on numbers, "Touch" is going to resonate with you. The performances were stellar again this week. The only issue here is that things are so very, very connected that it's starting to pull us out of the story. As much fun as it is to watch, the show is starting to get a little unbelievable. Is everyone really that connected? If this ends up being part of a plot or there is something other than the universe connecting them, this may become acceptable. As cool as it is to...



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