Community “Origins of Vampire Mythology” Review

Community returned tonight and assured us of one thing right away: Troybed is back, baby! That’s right, the best bromance on network TV is still alive and well, and after the turbulent events of the last two episodes, it sure does my heart good to see Troy and Abed working on their signature handshake!

"Origins of Vampire Mythology" started the way many episodes of Community begin; around the study group table. It wasn’t long before the dean came in (In a tiny conductor outfit, no less) and told the group that a carnival was coming to town. Well it turns out that Britta had a relationship with a carnie named Blade, who she can’t seem to keep herself from no matter how damaging he is. Meanwhile, the group seems too busy laughing at her, not sure if it’s funnier that she was with a carnie or that his name was Blade. Read More... 


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