Grey's Anatomy Review: Staring At Simba

After almost eight complete seasons, I don’t expect to be too surprised by actions of these characters we have all grown to love so much. Tonight, I was surprised. And I loved it. There is a lot to discuss so let’s get to it.

Ripped to Pieces. The cases in "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" were harsh, but in a good way. Morgan reached decision time with her baby, Teddy’s heart attack patient made her accept her widow status, and a lion attacked a couple. Well, the lion bit was a little unrealistic. But hey, it made for interesting television and at least no one was trying to give CPR to a deer. 

Broken Hearts. Teddy’s reaction at the grief group was priceless. First, the laughter and then the outburst. It felt so real, which is something this series does so well. This arc had felt a little dropped over the past few episodes so it was important to bring it back before seasons end. Her dealing with the elderly couple was heartbreaking. I know I was not alone in tearing up a bit. Read More...


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