30 Rock “Meet the Woggels!” Review

Jenna has been on her sexual walkabout for awhile now and to date, it has not been the wild, entertaining experience I anticipated as a viewer. I finally started getting the amusement I have beenwaiting for on this week’s episode of 30 Rock. Jenna floated into TGS studios raving about the wonderful time she’d been having with her famous rock star boyfriend. It was clear that something was off when Jenna bragged that her rock star boyfriend could sell out a 10 am concert on a Tuesday. Much to my delight, it turned out that Jenna’s "rock star" was a member of a group called "The Woggels" who sing with animated koalas, teach lessons to kids and serve as ceremonial music for weddings between eight-year-old kids. It was no surprise to learn that Jenna was plotting to "Yoko" the Woggels. Has Jenna not caused enough harm and trauma to children this season?

Equally amusing as Jenna’s attempt to check off one of her bucket list fantasies, was the revelation that Dot.com ran for City Council. I often find myself much more intrigued by stories that are referenced in passing than I am by the actual story in the episode. I get that this is done on purpose and Tracy is a master at doing it. Jenna isn’t too shabby at it either. Why did Quincy Jones push her off of a boat? Read More...



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