Touch “Entanglement” Review

It’s evaluation day for Jake and Martin in the latest episode of Touch, ‘Entanglement’. It’s no spoiler to say that he doesn’t make it in time. Meanwhile, over in Saudi Arabia, a young woman’s act of rebellion changes her life; in Montreal, a young doctor tries to talk to his crush on his last day in the city; while in New York a young woman from El Salvador plans to kill the man who murdered her parents.

It’s the last one that directly involves Martin. After his laptop is stolen, Martin chases the thief onto a bus (the thief escapes and gives the laptop to his daughter, ending their thread in this episode) and ends up seated next to Marisol, the young woman planning to kill the man who murdered her parents. He spies her gun, leading Marisol to force his silence by gunpoint. But Martin manages to get away after the bus brakes suddenly (caused by the husband of the Saudi woman in labour running past; see below) and warns the man. He also sees a bible verse tattooed on the man’s chest. The man escapes, Marisol is hit by a car, and Martin misses the evaluation while accompanying her to hospital. There he looks up the bible verse, goes to talk to the man and learns that Marisol’s brother is alive and has been adopted. Back at the hospital he notices a bone marrow notification and realises that the teenager in need is Marisol’s brother. He tells her, she’s a match and eventually the siblings are reunited. Read More... 


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