Fringe “The Consultant” Review

Last week we were treated to an exciting Fringe where Lincoln seems to find a new home investigationFringe Division cases in the altverse. In "The Consultant", we get a continuation on the same theme when Walter crosses to the altverse to help the investigation into a series of death affecting both universes. We also learn of what’s behind the unlikely cooperation between Alt-Broyles and David Robert Jones, and why it resonates with Walter. Speaking of Dr. Jones, we finally learn what his master plan is and how it could change everything in both universes.

Walter Returns to the Altverse

This week’s case is extremely interesting, which is saying a lot for a show like Fringe that specializes in the odd. Three people die suddenly in our universe under odd circumstances at the exact same time, and, to make things every weirder, their counterparts in the altverse also die at the exact same time. This is bizarre enough to cause Walter to visit the altverse and help Bolivia and Lincoln with the investigation. His investigation shows us two things, that inhabitants of each universe resonate at different notes (ours at a C, theirs at G), but the dead bodies in each universe resonate at the same note. Things become more serious when Peter and Olivia find a device after a second set of deaths that points to David Robert Jones as the responsible party. Read More... 


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