The Big C “What’s Your Story” Review

A lot of people feel the pressing need to share their story with others. People will regale you with tales of days gone by, their childhood triumphs, and their adulthood struggles. The nice people pretend to care, but, ultimately, very few people really care about the details of your story. In "What’s Your Story," The Big C shared many stories with us. Whether you are a bumbling dolt who just had a heart attack, or a bar owner catering to the amusing regular, Alexis Bertrand, you had a story that you felt compelled to share.

Paul continues to be moved by his near-death experience. Unfortunately, his misunderstanding of internet availability led to his son finding out about Cathy’s affair with Stringer Bell Lenny. Unless you buy that Paul is a complete moron, this plot point was a tough sell. It’s completely fine if Paul is unashamed or unafraid of his son stumbling across the content of his blog, but to be legitimately shocked that his son stumbled across his blog was just stupid. From a creative standpoint, I continue to wish that Paul was dead. Read More... 


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