30 Rock Recap: Who’s Your Dad-Smell?

Back in 2001, Homer Simpson had a crayon removed from his nose and briefly became an intellectual. Realizing he was happier before, he had the crayon reinserted and returned to his boorish ways. Replace "Homer Simpson" with "Tracy Jordan," "crayon" with "decoder ring," and "intellectual" with "guy who can smell again," and you’ve got last night’s 30 Rock.

What 30 Rock added to this formula — and I think it worked — was a completely ridiculous, in-no-universe-does-this-make-sense twist wherein Liz Lemon turns out to smell exactly like Tracy’s father. She uses a discontinued hair pomade called Midnight Symphony that was sold in the seventies and aimed at black men. Dotcom’s grandfather used it. Apparently, so did the man who raised Tracy, up until the day he went out for milk and heroin and never came back. Smell, as Dotcom reminds us, is intimately tied to memory, and now that Tracy realizes Liz smells like his dad, he wants to do everything in his power to please her. Read More...



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