Community Recap: The Changlourious Basterds

Greendale is a place not unlike the Dreamatorium, where folks unable to cope with adulthood revert to the way they were as scared children, diving into the safety of their imaginations. Suddenly even the most inconsequential things seem super important.

And thankfully they do. If nobody cared about winning a silly little paintball tournament, there’d be no "Modern Warfare," no "A Fist Full of Paintballs," no surprise appearances by Josh Holloway to remind us that Lost was a really good show during seasons one and two (and parts of four). Community’s characters can never redo childhood, but they can enjoy its comforts as long as possible. And there’s perhaps nothing more soothing to a kid than taking ownership of something, anything — like the the sturdy-yet-cozy confines of a blanket or pillow fort, for example. It’s like a BabyBjörn of tightness for 10-year-olds. Read More...


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