American Idol Recap: Did Anyone Else See That Giant Yawn?

The real winners of American Idol are the grown-ups who come to tapings with homemade signs. Tonight, my favorite is a fortyish woman with a giant, pink, faux-fur-trimmed banner that reads "WALK THIS WAY STEVEN T." I love that she felt it needed to be specific enough to deter just any Steven from walking that way, but she didn’t bring enough cash to Michael’s to spell STEVEN TYLER all the way out. It is delicious, and let’s be honest: It will probably work.

"This is Thursday," says Ryan, "that means tonight someone will hear the news that might end their Idol journey." Boy, the writers really don’t have a pithy way to express this now that there’s a judges’ save option. "So let’s hear it: Who did you vote for?" The sound is deafening, but not a single pan of the audience shows even one open mouth. Shenanigans. Read More...


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