In Plain Sight Review: The Paradox of Choice

As much as I enjoyed last week's episode of In Plain Sight, "The Merry Wives of WITSEC" ranked as one of my favorite episodes of the series. 

Mary's snarkiness was in rare form as she dealt with the nanny search at home and a hall of fame weasel of a witness at work.

First off the crime that drove John into WITSEC was gruesomely fascinating. They were stealing kidneys while performing gastric bypass operations. That's both criminally brilliant and horrific all at once.

How the heck do you go into WITSEC with two wives?  What made John most despicable was that he never acknowledged the damage he'd done to these two families.

Mary and Marshall's reactions when they found out about John's bigamy were priceless.  Mary snarked that he was the last of the hopeless romantics as he proclaimed his love for both families while Marshall called him a sociopath for believing his own delusions. Read More...


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