The Killing Review: Everybody Hurts

Season two got off to a decent start eliminating Richmond as a suspect (but really, that would have been way too obvious), sending Stan Larsen back to his former Polish mob boss, and breaking apart the duo of Linden and Holder while sending the latter into a tailspin.

Essentially the slate was wiped clean and we're back to square one with no real idea of who killed Rosie Laresn. If you really think about it, you probably wouldn't even need to watch season one to catch up beyond knowing each of the characters.

Except "Numb" left me feeling exactly that: numb and perhaps a little bored. The episode really took the time to focus on its characters and how each has become dazed and trapped within their own feelings of gloom and rainy depression. Although even with a setting and tone of the show that revolves around the deep seated drama, at times the hour felt like it was dipping its toes a little too deep in the melodramatic pool. Read More...


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