The Mentalist: Season 2 Episode 9: "A Price Above Rubies"

Wow! what a great beginning, one of the classics for TV shows. Also Lisbin Looks extremely beautiful in the party scene, which is a change, because she always used to look unhappy, and kind of ugly, we get to see new side of her.

I also loved the funny joke

Cho: "Which ones ours?"(The Mentalist S2 Ep 9)

Lisbin: "the one who looks like she blows her nose with money"(The Mentalist S2 Ep 9)

Cho: "they all look like they do"(The Mentalist S2 Ep 9).

again we see new side of lisbin, after the death of her past partner.

Jane as a Magician LOVE IT!

I also liked many parts about this episode especially the comedy in it. The robbery wasn't very special though, it was kind of expected. Although the killer was quick surprising, from my point of view. That's why i love this show, the thrill at the end is quite addicting.

Also i must admit: I totally Loved the the mental trick Jane Pulled on those Rich idiots, that was just brilliant. Props to those directors, and script writers, totally amazing.


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Dec 18, 2009 2:40AM EST

yea, you're right, lisbin does look hot

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