Bob’s Burgers “Food Truckin” Review

In light of this most recent episode of Bob’s Burgers, "Food Truckin," I’m a little embarrassed to admit that my Twitter account was initially set up to track the locations of one of the most hyped food trucks in my area. Although my desire to track down every high-end food truck in a 10 mile radius has waned in the last few years, the food truck movement is still thriving and growing. By having Bob get sucked into this trend, Bob’s Burgers nailed a hysterical parody of food trucks and the foodies that flock to their locations.

Clearly, Bob isn’t normally the type of guy to follow popular trends. Even as the restaurant has undergone multiple re-openings, very little seems to change about the operations inside. It’s not until thefood trucks invade his corner of the world that they even show up on his radar. After being belittled by his old vegan antagonist, Randy, Bob realized he had to get in on the food truck craze to "steal back" his customers. Read More... 


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