How I Met Your Mother “Now We’re Even” Review

Tonight’s episode of How I Met Your Mother, "Now We’re Even" gave us a glimpse into Ted’s new world of nude solitude. Without a roommate, Ted discovered that he could truly enjoy the comfort of his own home without the burden of rules and clothing. Unfortunately, right as Ted was beginning to settle into his new found nude freedom, Barney decided that Ted was a key factor in making every single night "legendary."

Barney is obviously excited to let everyone know that he’s dating a stripper, but there’s always been a little lingering feeling of unease when Barney has talked about it in the past. As much as Barney loves strippers, he can’t seem to reconcile his feelings of bro-pride with the serious feelings he has for Quinn. It’s as if he feels hypocritical for wanting Quinn to not dance for any other man but he can’t figure out how to seriously address the issue with her or with his friends.

It’s not until he breaks down to Ted that his shouts of "I’m dating a stripper!" stop seeming like his usual proclamations of achievement. In hindsight, those constant "I’m dating a stripper" interjections seem like a pretty typical Barney-style plea for someone in his circle to notice that he’s subconsciously dealing with an issue that he doesn’t know how to handle. Read More... 


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