Smash “The Movie Star” Review

"The Movie Star" introduced us to the newest member of the cast of Bombshell, Rebecca Duvall.Although she appeared briefly at the end of the last episode of Smash, we got to see her perform for the first time tonight.

While Rebecca might enjoy celebrity status in Hollywood, her vocal abilities are lacking and her acting is questionable at best. Her first attempt to sing "Let Me Be Your Star" actually made me laugh out loud. She sang the song so seriously while sounding so painfully average that everything about her suddenly became comical.

Despite how unfit she was for the leading role, the production team was willing to bend over backwards to accommodate her. When she requested a pow-wow to discuss the show’s issues, I completely expected her to pull a full diva and request that new writers be hired. She surprised me when she told Tom, Derek, Julia and Eileen in all seriousness that she needed them to be honest with her. She ended up acknowledging her faults and suggesting ways that the show could be adjusted to play up her strengths and hide her weaknesses. She no longer seemed like the joke we were introduced to at the beginning of the episode. Read More... 


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