Game of Thrones Recap: Try Smiling With Your Lips Closed

"Friends are such an important part of life." In a show full of slippery characters, Varys the spymaster is practically a walking vat of olive oil. So when he delivers this line, early in the episode, to Tyrion — who’s surprised to find him in his quarters, yukking it up with Shae — you know the eunuch hasn’t just dropped by for a neighborly chat about the delights of fish pies. He’s delivering a warning and, to Tyrion’s mind, a threat.

He’s also providing a good tagline (as if the show needed another) for Game of Thrones as a whole. The show has already established that friendship is a dangerous business: witness what happened to poor Ned Stark when he agreed to help his buddy Robert run the Seven Kingdoms. In last night’s episode, Janos Slynt, commander of the City Watch, learned the hard way that powerful friends and a dollar-fifty will buy you a Coke in Westeros, as Tyrion strips him of his title and sends him to the Wall for his role in the slaughter that capped episode one (and for generally being bad news for former Hands of the King). Read More...


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