Eastbound & Down Recap: The Most Effed-Up Test

"We think of Kenny Powers as sort of a weird southern James Bond," Danny McBride explained in February, and Kenny's certainly been emanating a 007-ish ennui in these last few episodes. Even as Bond bangs Septuptopussy on top of a pile of diamonds in a Serbian underground lair that is about to explode, he's… over it, and after 23 movies, twelve novels, three radio shows and two comic-book adaptations, who could blame him? Similarly, chasing the comeback is wearing thin on our hero, who has seen family betray him, women leave, friends die, and semi-retarded friends shave their eyebrows off. As the season (ostensibly the show's last) draws to a close, Kenny just doesn't seem to be filling up his cut-out shirts with his usual puffed-up delusion.

On the bright side, this week in Myrtle is Black Biker Week and sees the return of one-eyed Black Biker Week Reg Macworthy. He is in a public urinal taking a piss while wearing a horrific skeleton mask. He turns to a stranger at the next urinal and says, "That's a tight dick, playa." Might be the most solid cold open of the season. Read More...



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