The Killing Recap: Utter Paralysis

It’s pretty fascinating to watch The Killing these days. Oh, not because of anything that’s happening onscreen. In fact, in spite of what’s happening onscreen. To borrow an analogy from a plot direction that this show has inexplicably decided to commit to, it’s like Veena Sud and her crew are lying in a hospital bed and the doctor is telling them that, no, he doesn’t advise they continue to test the patience of even their most loyal fans. They could still have a chance at happy lives that involved writing for a perfectly serviceable show if they just faced the reality of their situation. The writers, though, refuse to listen, insisting they know what is best, that they can feel the sun on their scripts, etc. "We know what phantom pain is," they hiss. "It’s what we strongly hinted would come at the end of last season." Read More...


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