'Being Human': Sam Witwer on the shocking finale and Season 3


"Being Human" has it's shocking finale on April 9, and that term is not used lightly. Someone isn't going to make it out alive! We chatted with Sam Witwer who plays Aidan the vampire about his pivotal relationship with his lost love, the big finish and what's coming in Season 3."The interesting thing I think about Suren (Dichen Lachman) is it's a complicated, bad relationship. Aidan is a guy who is kind of drifting, and in a bad moral position. He's looking to grab any anchor anywhere to gain some stability, and he picks the wrong one. He picks Suren, and you think he should be picking Josh (Sam Huntington) or Sally (Meaghan Rath) and he doesn't, and it's because he thinks that he's no good for them. He thinks that he's not doing them any good, which is something we get to see more of in the third season.Josh and Sally have a beautiful...



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