Season 10 Episode 4 "Lunacy" SuperNovaTube Link- Don't Delete!!!

Attention! Whoever keeps deleting the SuperNovaTube link I added for the Lunacy episode, PLEASE STOP! This link is a legit episode video no surveys or adware or spyware or anything. It is fast loading and great quality.

The only problem is that on occasion (read: rarely now) the TurboHD from Dish Network ad that plays right before the video (there's like a 14 second countdown to the video actually beginning just like the video players on official network sites like NBC, CBS, ABC...) sometimes freezes at the 11 second mark. It seems to be just fine now, but if it happens again, just refresh the page until a different ad shows instead or it skips the ad altogether.

Please don't delete my link! For your reference, the link is



Default avatar cat
Oct 25, 2008 8:12PM EDT

And they're at it again. Awa (as "Link History" reveals) has deleted my link twice in the past five minutes. Why hasn't she realized it's a real legit episode video? I'll keep adding it back and see what happens.

Default avatar cat
Oct 25, 2008 8:16PM EDT

Get this: Awa deleted my legit video and added a video link that makes you complete a survey to watch a video.

Default avatar cat
Nov 8, 2008 5:35PM EST

That's what survey trolls do.They delete legit links so the only ones left at the shit ones that take you to goddamned places like OMGSURVEYLANNNNDDSSSZ!!!1!1!<.<>.>Bastards.

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