'Mad Men' recap: Pick your sickness

This week's "Mad Men" was full of mad. Lots and lots of madness. Our protagonist, the usually suave and dashing Don Draper, is sick and disgusting. Even his new wife Megan is grossed out, refusing to stand near him in the elevator -- until, of course, he's approached by some broad from his casual, philandering days of yesteryear. Ballsy Andrea, a "freelancer," er, "homewrecker," totally puts the moves on him before Don gets the sense to introduce her to his wife. Young Megan is angry, as the youngsters tend to get when their husbands are nearly manhandled in elevators by strange women. Don tries to explain. "We're in Midtown, we're going to run into people." Yes, Megan, he's had sex with all of midtown. Peggy, Stan and Michael Ginsburg work on an assignment for a pantyhose company, which somehow involves Stan wearing pantyhose over his face. Read More...

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