Mad Men Recap: A Cinderella Story

"Mystery Date" is all about women and violence. Peggy's artsy TIME photo editor friend Joyce comes in with crime scene pics from the Chicago student nurse massacre where Richard Speck kidnapped nine nurses and murdered eight. One girl survived because she hid under the bed and he lost count. This happened on July 14th, 1966 so it's July 15, only about ten days since we left off last week. Mystery Date was also a popular board game with a popular commercial in 1965 -- the one Sally's watching while Pauline discusses the murders on the phone (see below). To play the game, girls would open different doors to find different mystery dates, with the hope of scoring a hunk, not a dud.

This children's game contrasts the romantic innocence of girls looking for a fantasy with the sobering reality of what else could be behind that door. The murders buzz in the background of our women dealing with their own versions of violence, finding strength as they team up and fight back. Read More...


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