Mike & Molly Review: Chapel of Love?

It’s been a few weeks since we last saw Mike and Molly in "Peggy Goes To Branson", and each week brings us closer to their wedding! Last episode, Mike and Molly dealt with the loaded issue of having a family, and this week in "Molly Can't Lie", they face the slightly more immediate issue of losing their wedding venue.

But they lose it for a good cause: religious freedom. I’m definitely on Molly’s side of this argument – she shouldn’t have to sacrifice her beliefs or create false ones just to please others. Mike and Peggy, however, are determined to hammer home the old school Catholic message (stereotype) of lying to maintain the status quo. It’s nice that Mike & Molly doesn’t let that stand and shows that, in a relationship lying, or just keeping your opinion to yourself all the time, doesn’t work. Read More...



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