House Review: Settling for Mediocrity

Part of the fun of watching a show like House is being in on House's jokes and watching them play out.  It's enjoyable to watch people be continually duped by House's genius.  However, in "Gut Check,"just like last week's "Blowing the Whistle," we again, instead of laughing with House, feel more like the butt of House's jokes.  I don't like being jerked around, and while I could guess that House was messing with Wilson in some weird way for some House-wisdom related reason, I didn't like that for the second week in a row, the entire episode was hanging on an idea that House completely fabricated for his own entertainment.

What are we supposed to take away from House's game playing?  That he cares enough about Wilson to give him a fake son so he realizes that parenting House is all the parenting he's ever going to need?  Fine.  Done.  Check.  Let's let Hilson be Hilson and be done with it already!  They're family, they're flawed, they're bromance-y.  But do we really need an entire episode dedicated to a fake son, even if some of House quotes were admittedly stellar tonight? Read More...


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