Two and a Half Men Review: "Grandma's Pie"

In my last Two and a Half Men review, I was happy with the writers.

This week, I am so angry with them. Why did they have to pursue the hookup between Alan and Lyndsey's mothers any further? It just made this episode very awkward and unpleasing to watch.

They could have introduced Lyndsey’s father, and then decided to create a relationship between him and Evelyn. I just don’t think the writers were on their A game tonight with "Grandma's Pie."

Expect for the "lesbianic" storyline, I enjoyed tonight’s episode. We had a full house. Berta, Jake and Eldridge were present. Even Zoey returned from her trip and was around for the madness.

The idea of having dinner with your girlfriend and ex-wife, with your housekeeper within earshot is a bad one. What was Walden thinking? Read More...


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