Gossip Girl Recap: It Is Your Destiny to Be Gossip-Worthy

"I think you’re just kinda Humphreying out, here," Nate said to Dan last night when the latter expressed concern that his girlfriend, Blair, was lying to him. Dan was on the wrong track, but he was right to be concerned. Given what has happened on this show the past five seasons, it would be beneficial to all of the characters on Gossip Girl if they began looking at their world from a Humphrological perspective: that is, assuming that everyone they spoke to was being dishonest, all of the time. It would prevent so many misunderstandings! Rufus: Did Lily just acquiesce too easily to your plan to part her from her favorite thing, money? Assume she will not follow through! Serena: Did your stompy-wah-wah-I-hate-the–Upper East Side cousin just agree to be made over into an "It" girl? She probably has ulterior motives! Blair: Did Gossip Girl just post something only your best friend could know about? It’s possible the post had something to do with your best friend! Everyone is always lying or concealing something, even if it’s just that they paid off a sizable debt to ensure the happiness of someone they love or their princess fantasy. Read More...



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