How I Met Your Mother Recap: Great Expectations

It’s been tough to keep up with HIMYM this year — every week or so, the series takes a break, making it even harder to remember (or care about) the dramatic upheavals of previous installments. Barney is in a serious relationship now? Marshall and Lily totally ditched Long Island? And why isn’t Ted living in the house he bought several seasons ago? And when the writers take the time to catch us up every so often, it can seem like regurgitation rather than reality.

Which is why last night was perfect. Rather than rehash the recent past, we rehashed the very distant past, reminding us of what’s been at stake all along: twentysomethings making the adjustment to being thirtysomethings; young adults becoming adults, no qualifiers. Of course, this is all shot through the lens of Ted’s quest for a wife. It sounds basic, but the playful narrative and necessary plot detours have confused the story line at points; some of you, like us, have grown fatigued by treading water. Fans of the show want it to be on as long as possible, and if all episodes could be like last night’s, we would agree. Yet keeping up the ruse of meeting the Mother in present time translates into a lot of stalling. Enriching the backstory, on the other hand, tends to be fun, and it allows us to see more of the characters as we knew them rather than as they are. (Settling down and having kids may be facts of life, but this is not always the best sitcom fodder. See: Up All Night.) Read More...


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