Castle “Headhunters” Review – Mal and Jayne, Together Again!

In this episode of Castle, called "Headhunters", a man is found dead with a bag of heads. But with Beckett and her team getting ready for a big trial, it’s not her case to run. Castle’s feeling neglected and things are still awkward between them so he goes off in search of a new Muse, finding it in the personage of one Detective "The Widowmaker" Slaughter.

Slaughter is played by Adam Baldwin and if I have to tell you who that is and why it was so freaking awesome to see him and Nathan Fillion on screen together then that means you probably haven’t seen Firefly. So I’m going to stop right here and tell you that you must remedy that issue as soon as possible. If you love this show and you love Fillion as Castle, then you MUST avail yourself of that (sadly) short-lived series. You will thank me. Read More... 


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