Grey’s Anatomy “Support System” Review

If you’ve been watching Grey’s Anatomy for it’s entire run you’ve come to expect a certain amount of repetition. Repetition in dialogue, repetition in romantic situations, repetitions in break-ups. But as I watched Owen pack up his stuff and move out of their house I couldn’t help but think: didn’t we see this before? Owen was going to move out just a few episodes ago. Frustrated and hurt by Cristina’s abortion he was going, and it took her teary eyed pleas to get him back. And now we had to do it all over again. This time with Cristina making an ungodly sobbing noise. From the way her cries were screeching like she was a wounded animal I thought the entire season had been a dream and over the summer Owen had gone back to Iraq, died, and now we were seeing Cristina at the coffin. That’s the situation that would have merited those sounds, not the description of Owen’s one night stand. It was a relief when she finally returned to true Cristina form and laughed over the fact she was putting her career in jeopardy over guy drama. Read More... 


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