Fact or Faked Paranormal Files (Syfy) Spring Premiere Advance Review

Tonight is the spring premiere of Syfy’s own Fact or Faked Paranormal Files. I had the chance to watch the first episode in advance and I think the premiere got off on the right foot.

What is interesting to me about Fact or Faked is the fact that there are only so many called "paranormal" activities. So, when you center a TV show around those actitivies, you run the risk of repeating stories. This is especially true when the cast uses viral videos off the internet to spark their investigation. Fact or Faked tried to avoid that issue by stretching the definition of "paranormal" in this first episode.

The first part of the show titled "The Grim Sleeper" cenetered around a proposed levitating woman.Scary stuff right out of the movie Paranormal Activity. In fact, I had my money on hoax right away considering the popularity and timeliness of the Paranormal Activity movies. This video, at least, fell into the realm of what I would consider to be paranormal. Read More...



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