'Justifed' finale: Raylan's just a man in a hat


"Justified" drew its third season to a close Tuesday night (April 10) with "Slaughterhouse," which saw the Quarles and Limehouse storylines brought to a close. After Deputy Bergan doesn't make it, Raylan goes on a tear to get Quarles. Neither Wynn Duffy nor Limehouse are a huge help, but Limehouse does say he can get Boyd for Raylan. He does so by putting the marshals on the trail of Devil's body, for which Boyd is subsequently arrested.Meanwhile, Quarles, having narrowly escaped the car bombing meant to kill him, just wants to go home. Theo Tonin says sure, you can come home - for $500,000. So Quarles kidnaps a mom and her two sons for some wheels and collateral, using them to force Raylan into helping him. Raylan takes Quarles to Limehouse, figuring Limehouse just might pony up the money in exchange for Quarles (and Raylan) being out of his hair. But things go awry when...



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