New Girl Recap: Fun and Games

Hey, who wants to play a round of True American? All that beer-pounding, chair-standing, and presidential-name-shouting looked like a delightful way to spend an evening, even if the rules were incomprehensible from the outside. Like Calvinball and It’s Always Sunny’s Chardee MacDennis, True American is a game that only makes sense if you’re one of the inventors. It’s the kind of activity built for roommate-hood, a celebration of the in-jokes people create when they spend a lot of time packed into close quarters, or at least sharing a bathroom.

Last night’s episode was an ode to the joys and irritations of living in the same space as all of your friends. Even Cece has essentially moved into the apartment now that her relationship with Schmidt is out in the open. When Cece calls Jess to ask about her week with Russell, she’s barely twenty feet away. A few moments later, we see the two of them chatting in Schmidt’s room. It’s a subtle testament to the way everyone’s boundaries have changed since the season began: New Girl Jess is now so fully integrated into the household that she can hang out on Schmidt’s bed with her shoes on. (Presumably Schmidt didn’t know, or else he’d have spent the rest of the episode out getting his comforter dry-cleaned.) Read More...


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