Cougar Town Recap: A Severed Toe Is Always the First Sign of Trouble

After being set aside in favor of Dancing With the Stars for the past two weeks, Cougar Town returned last night with a bang. Well, not a bang. It was more a snap. Like a very quiet snap made by the fingers of someone who is terminally ill and trying to retain her zest for life but finding it more difficult than she imagined it would be.

Newly acquired baby Tampa’s presence in this episode was an earthquake so small you would’ve missed it if it weren’t for the aftershocks in the form of baby-proofed cabinets around Jules’s home. Aside from revealing that her middle/preferred name is Jill, this is all the show has for its newest character this week. By giving her an outsider mom, Cougar Town gave itself a convenient way to leave Tampa out of the picture when it wants to, but it might also be robbing itself of the newest, most promising chance it has to bring some real feeling back into this show. Read More...


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