Glee Recap: Your Moves Lacked a Theme

Previously, on the midseason finale of Glee, Finn and Rachel were on the brink of marriage and Quinn was hit by a truck while drive-texting. Thirty seconds into this episode, Finn and Rachel mention their postponed wedding; thirty seconds after that, Quinn rolls up in a wheelchair but very much alive. I'm not exactly disappointed that Quinn lived through the accident, but her death would've been an interesting direction for the show to move in, and since Dianna Argon was obviously engineered in a lab that breeds future leads in Nicholas Sparks adaptations, it's not like she would've been out of work for long.

In conclusion: Phew, I guess? On we go!

Straight off, Quinn and Artie launch into Elton John's "I'm Still Standing," which is peppy and fun enough, although a little hard to focus on because Sugar is sitting in the front row of the choir room wearing what looks like a run-over men's dress shoe as a headband. Quinn announces that her spine is compressed, but says she'll be dancing by nationals. Tina sniffles at the end of her speech. I am reasonably confident that sniffle was Tina's only line in the episode. I would not be surprised if it was Tina's last line this season. Read More...


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