James Van Der Beek won't resort to crying Dawson on 'Don't Trust The B---- in Apartment 23'


Confession: We love "Dawson's Creek." Love it. We can rattle off embarrassing facts like the name of Jack's dead brother and exactly how many pounds of marijuana Joey Potter's dad was accused of trafficking. We may or may not have a terrier named Pacey at home.So it's no surprise that "Don't Trust The B---- in Apartment 23," which is stuffed with references to the late-'90s WB drama that shaped our adolescence, was one of our favorite pilots of the season. The show centers on June (Dreama Walker) who moves in with Chloe (the incomparably awesome Krysten Ritter), an almost-sociopath with an exhibitionist streak and no mind for social formalities or, you know, laws. Chloe's "gay best friend, but straight" happens to be one Mr. James Van Der Beek.A couple years ago, if you'd suggested to Van Der Beek that one day he'd be playing an incredibly offensive version of himself, wearing '90s flannel, and blasting...



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