Glee “Saturday Night Glee-ver” Review

I was all prepared to suffer though "Saturday Night Glee-ver," this week’s episode of Glee, as watching the show has started to become more of a chore than the pleasure it once was. To my great surprise, I wound up digging the disco groove. Or maybe it was just that I felt like I was watching a season one episode with all of its goofy charm and quirky characters, but none of the repetitive plot lines and rehashed drama.

As Will likes to remind everyone, his high school glee club won Nationals thanks to a momentary disco revival, so when Blaine got the BeeGees stuck in his head during class, Will and Sue put their heads together to come up with a way to motivate their disco-hating proteges into working the lighted dance floor. It involved getting a hand-stitched by Becky white polyester jumper. Sue was right; those kids will do anything for swag. Read More... 


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