New Girl “Kids” Review

"Kids" was an appropriate title for last night’s episode of New Girl, as every plot revolved around someone acting like or dealing with a child. The show seems to have settled into its comedy groove, which means that while there are fewer outrageous moments, the laughs come from knowing these characters so well that they feel like people we would hang out with in real life. Yes, even Schmidt.

Because say what you want about him, when he found out that CeCe was in the middle of a pregnancy scare, he stepped up. No questions or doubts, he just gave her support, perhaps a touch too much enthusiasm and a few horrible ideas for baby names. He would have proposed marriage by literally writing it in the sky if her period hadn’t arrived and derailed his happy train. Schmidt is a romantic; he wants to settle down and have a family. But is CeCe ready for that at all or is it a life with Schmidt that makes her hesitate? Read More...



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