'Survivor: One World': Troyzan makes his move, to the detriment of someone else


The lines have been drawn on "Survivor: One World," with the women voting out Mike last week. Can the men rally?TikianoTroyzan, Jay and Tarzan are trying to figure out what they can do. If they're smart, they'll realize Christina can be poached and start with her. Later, the tribes get a DIY reward challenge. They divide into two teams and throw two balls on a string at some poles, hoping to wrap around and score points. I've played this with golf balls and PVC pipe, it's fun.The teams are Alicia/Jay/Troy/Tarzan/Kat and Sabrina/Christina/Leif/Chelsea/Kim. Troyzan nominate himself to host and he's no Probst. He's actually pretty obnoxious. The Alicia team wins a trip to a BBQ and Tarzan dances around in his tiny, gross drawers. Ew.The RewardJay and Kat chat about Mike going home. Jay pushes her to keep the Salanis together and then he talking-heads that he's "a little suspicious" that the girls are playing tricks....



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