Survivor: One World “I’m No Dummy” Review

Survivor: One World returned tonight with the gradual decline of Troyzan. "I’m No Dummy" shows us the fallout from last week’s tribal, as Troyzan is feeling understandably vulnerable and alone. I suppose it’s unavoidable, but it’s always been a pet peeve of mine when people get smug when they’re on the winning alliance. Alicia has done virtually nothing to get herself to this point, except for being a girl, and now she’s acting all cocky! Ugh.

Anyway, after a few minutes we get right into a fan favorite event: The Survivor auction! There was a couple notable things here. First of all, everybody seemed so unbelievably cautious! It’s almost as if people were afraid to spend their money, and I couldn’t believe that Kim won a shower and a chance tobrush her teeth for forty dollars! FortyDollars. The other major occurrence here was all of the girlstrying to strong arm Christina into spending all of her money on the help for the immunity challenge. Not only was it crappy of them to put her in that position (Why didn’t they put up the 500 bucks?), but thenChelsea actually blames her later on for giving Troyzan the advantage? So lame. Read More... 


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