Modern Family “The Last Walt” Review

I was a fan of Luke’s elderly friend, Walt, on Modern Family, so I was a little sad when Phil and Claire broke the news that he had passed in tonight’s episode, "The Last Walt." Luke took the news pretty much exactly as I would have expected him to, while Phil and Claire were much more affected by Walt’s death.

Like Phil, I was totally disturbed by Claire’s creepy coping mechanism when she talked about Walt’s death. I was hoping we’d find out some information that would give us some background on why or when she started doing that smiling thing when she talked about people dying. I laughed at how awkward she was, but like the Meals-On-Wheels woman and the Delivery Man, I couldn’t help but get annoyed with her every time she started smiling. The whole bit was both funny and completely irritating to me, and I can’t quite explain why.

After learning that Walt had been estranged from his daughter, Phil realized that he may not have spent enough quality time with his own daughter and decided to immediately make some memories with Alex. Of course, Alex had no idea why Phil was suddenly obsessed with memorable moments, but she was stuck going along with him for the ride. I loved the unexpected bit with the seagull stealing Walt’s dogtags before they could be tossed in the ocean. It was such a random and surreal moment that both Phil and Alex were left speechless. Read More... 


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