A Twist Of Fairytales

Dreams certainly did come true in this delightfully enchanting movie. I was swept away by Gisell's light-heartedness and kindness, and her very naive innocense. Unfortunately, I must say that I was dissapointed to see James Marsden play such a goofy role as Prince Edward after his performance in the X-MEN series, but it is great knowing that he does indeed have versatility as an actor and he wont be stuck with the same kind of role over and over again. It was not his performance that irked me, rather than the goofiness of the role. Despite the goofiness, he pulled it off with aplomb.

The story itself was a lovely and interesting twist of various fairytales such as Alice in Wonderland (falling into another world), Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and a hint that another fairytale we know was not told in truth (Little Red Riding Hood). Ideas from other tales could be seen, unfortunately the names escape me at the moment, I shall come back to edit this once I've looked them up.

I was completely thrilled with ending, it was a masterpiece of comedy (primarily from the wicked witch played by Susan Serandon who was superbly perfect for the role) and a surprising twist of events. I highly commend the writers of this piece for the witty lines that were written for the wicked witch in the ending, they had me rolling in my seat. I must also commend Susan as well for her voice acting as her character turned into the dragon, for her excellent voice acting brought the splendid comedy of her lines to hillarious perfection.

Disney has yet to dissapoint me, and I highly reccomend this movie for all ages.


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