Supernatural Spoilers: When Will Castiel Return? And Will the Winchesters Face Angels Again?

Supernatural (The CW)

One of our favorite Supernatural angels was last spotted in episode 7.17.  After Sam had a breakdown and was committed to a mental hospital, Dean went in search for a true healer that could fix his brother.  What he found was a man named Emmanuel, who was actually an amnesiac Castiel.  Dean brought his old pal back to save Sam, but didn't want to reveal his true identity until they were faced with a group of demons they couldn't get past.

Castiel did manage to smite the hell out of the demons and remembered everything, including the sins he had committed in an effort to defeat Raphael.  Later, he was unable to heal Sam, as the wall in his head was simply too crumbled to piece back together.  Feeling horribly guilty for having put Sam in this position, Castiel was able to "transfer" Sam's Hell hallucinations to himself, leaving him in a sort of comatose state in the mental hospital.  The Winchesters left Meg to watch over Castiel. Read More...


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