America's Next Top Model 18.06 "Jessica Sutta and Nadine Coyle" Review

Hoochie toochie smoochie bootchie toochie toochie coochie coochie.

Don't worry, everybody, I'm not having a fit or psychotic break from too much Top Model. (That's like saying "too much air", c'mon. No such thing.) I'm just practicing what tooches to do and what tooches not to do, as the Good Lord (and Mama Tyra) intended. You wouldn't want your salad tooch to get mixed up with your dessert tooch and heaven knows, if I mixed up my dinner tooch with my fish tooch, I might not be to show up at the next TV Blogger Luncheon, Fashion Show, and Tooch Off. And we wouldn't want that now, would we?

Y'all, tonight's Top Model was all types of stupid and train wreck-y, but I have to admit...I kind of loved it. I don't know if it's residual good feelings from an improved cycle or what, but episodes like this are proof that Top Model can still produce cray cray TV with the best of 'em. We return to the music challenge that began last cycle (POT POT POT LEDOM), but instead of nine individual videos crammed into 42 minutes, it was the battle of the girl groups, as Fiercely British took on The United Sirens of America. That sound you hear is the Pussycat Dolls shaking in their hooker heels. Even though I would like to have seen what the nine could have come up with for their individual video, having it be group v. group gave the episode more focus than last cycle's music episode, playing up the concept of the season to great effect. Read More...


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