American Idol Top 7 Perform: What Makes Idol Beautiful

Before I actually get to the show, I'd like to apologize for missing last week's results recap. Unfortunately lack of Internet plus a holiday weekend made for busy times. I can't say that I was terribly surprised by Deandre's exit. And I can't say I'll be shocked at whoever gets booted tonight, because 'Songs from this Decade' night on American Idol turned out pretty well.

Before I get to any specifics on performances, I'd like to hand out some advice for all the contestants. Stop picking obvious songs. If there was one constant for most of the night, it was that every performance had a certain predictability to it. This was good in some ways, as it reemphasized that the contestants left on American Idol know who they are, and that they can sing songs that are on today's charts. On the other hand, it indicates there are no surprises left, that there is no "Heartless" around the corner. Which makes this season precariously close to season 9 in that I can't bring myself to really care who wins, because no one is going that extra mile for me. So please, if you can't stop picking obvious songs, then do something with the ones you have. Read More...


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